Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of School 2012

My 2 favorite days of the year;
the 1st day of school
and the last day of school.

Our book bags are packed and our new shoes are ready to go
today is the first day of school

it's always so bittersweet

This year, I have a high school-er again and the baby is headed off to middle school.
Guess that means he really isn't a baby anymore.

The alarm clock went off at 5AM!

I don't get up at 5AM very often, so it was a complete and total shock to my system.
Now that we know what time the bus will actually get to our house, I'm thinking we can get by with sleeping a few extra minutes.

When my oldest son went through high school, I got up with him the 1st day of his freshmen year and never had to do it again.  He got himself up, fed, and out the door for the bus all on his own; for 4 years straight.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to have the same privilege with our daughter.  We shall see.

This is Trency his first day of 9th grade.
He was actually so nervous, he couldn't eat all of his breakfast.
I had to make him fake taking a bite.

August, 2005

I always make the kids whatever they want for breakfast on the first day.
Victoria wanted french toast.

I don't make french toast very often, but it turned out really good.

Hubby even got a hot breakfast today.  I'm sure now he will want me to get up early every day.

Victoria enjoys her breakfast then heads upstairs to finish getting ready.

Our official first day of school photo.

She's getting so big.

We then head out to the bus.

See how dark it is?  That just isn't right.

These pictures are so fuzzy because it was so dark outside and I had to try to lighten them up so much.

Next is Zachary's turn to get up and head out.  Since he is in middle school and they go last, he gets to sleep in an extra hour after the high school-er is already gone.

It's so weird not having them both getting ready to leave together.  This is the first year since the youngest started school that I haven't taken a picture of them together on the 1st day of school.

Cool dude waiting on the bus.
(At a much more reasonable hour, might I add)
Oh, and ignore the dead flowers in the background.  It's been an extremely hot summer.

The bus finally arrives.

I'm left with loads of laundry and trying to get the house cleaned from all the chaos of summer.

I've been very fortunate to stay home with my kids and I wouldn't miss getting them on the bus the first day of school for anything.

Did your kids go back today?  I hope they had a great one if so.


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