Sunday, June 8, 2014

Baseball Weekend

It's been a couple years since we have spent most of our weekends at the ball field.  The youngest played rec league this Spring and after it was over he tried out for a travel team to play with during the Summer.  He was really wanting to get on a team that offered a little more competition and a little more training.

So, this has been our 3rd weekend playing, I think we only have 1 more tournament to go then it will be over until the Fall, when we get back into it.

Years ago Zachary was a catcher and then he played mostly 2nd base, short stop or pitcher.  He hasn't been the catcher on a team for a number of years.  Until this season.  He got to get his old catcher gear out and give it a shot.  Apparently it's just like riding a bicycle because he seemed to pick up right where he left off.

Let's step back in time a little bit to his very first time catching.


I mean, the gear practically covers his entire body.  He was certainly protected.

It's been nice to see him geared up behind the plate again.

See all that mud around home plate?  Thankfully he managed to actually stay pretty mud-free.  I don't know how, but he did.

We played 3 games this weekend.  They were all early in the day so we had the afternoon free, which is always nice.  We didn't win any of the games but we got lots of playing time, had fun and I got a nice suntan.  

And, those things are the most important part. Right?


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