Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My favorite place to shop!

i love to spend time in our local antique mall
lucky for me, this place is less than a mile from my house

today while hubby and youngest son were watching the women's world cup, victoria and i made a trip to "see what we could find"

you just never know

my daughter immediately spotted this

a giant stuffed Nemo.... she insisted that she had to have it
really, really, really had to have it.

i told her once she got her allowance this weekend then she would have enough money to come back and buy it.  i'm sure it will still be there

she didn't seem to want to do that.
oh, so you would rather spend my $12 on a giant stuffed Nemo but you don't want to spend your $12 on one. 
i see how you work!

then she spotted this... she only wishes

this girl cannot wait to get a car
a fast car
oh man; i'm dreading it already

i spotted this
a table full of pfaltzgraf
but not just any pfaltzgraf.... my pattern!!

if i didn't already have 2 cupboards full; i might have picked up some

i don't have fish plates though

heehee.... i do now
served dinner on these cuties tonight

how about some ruby red slippers?

i told her i would buy those for her

she wan't goin for that at all
(still fixated on the Nemo pillow)

i just love this memo board
it's magnetized and will go great in my basement

the original price tag was still on it... someone paid 50 big ones for this thing....i got it for only 16


i liked this sun but also in a way felt bad for it

it looks so scared and sad at the same time

we decided he needed to stay there

then victoria spotted this "oh my gosh, i just have to have it" item

nice concept, but really? how much time do you really think you will spend playing that?
and, quite honestly, that will be broken in a matter of minutes

we left it there for some other kid who "just has to have it"

a doll head
for real?
i mean, where's the body?
how many people are going to just buy the head?

do people just have bodies laying around waiting for a head?
way too creepy for us.

when i saw this, i almost cried.
i've been looking for a table exactly like this to put on my patio

i just love the colors and the design
it's so beachy

here is what the seat looks like

love, love, love

we left it there... for now

i'm putting this on my birthday wish list
i can just see myself chillin' on my deck with friends and serving drinks out of these

they were a pretty stiff ticket at 50 dollars, but maybe for a gift?

hint, hint
hubby... are you reading this???

i am totally coveting this lamp
maybe while hubby is there picking up the above glasses, he can also pick up this lamp.
you think?

after i told victoria for the 50th time that i was not buying the nemo pillow, she decided she wasn't leaving the store

oh well

(just kidding; she quickly changed her mind when i walked away)

she could have just stayed and hung out with this guy.... or girl, rather

we had a fun time and when we got home, the soccer game was over
yeah for us!!

do you still take your kids shopping?
do they drive you crazy wanting everything until you tell them they can buy it with their own money and then change their minds?

i guess they really do think money grows on trees.

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