Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can you say idiot?

I am going to cry..... out loud for the entire world to hear me.

I thought I would be smart and create a gmail email account.  I did; and now I am regretting it terribly!!

Take my advice; don't EVER delete anything unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Let me explain:  I created a gmail email address because I thought it would be so much easier should we ever decide to change from comcast for our internet.  We don't have any problems with Comcast, mind you, I just thought it would be easy to make the switch if we ever decided that we did have problems.

So I create this email account and within the first day; I knew it wasn't for me.  It was slow and took me forever to update, reply and forward emails.  So I decided; ok, I'll stay with my comcast email, it really is better.

Well, in the meantime, my calendar that I use with Google had all my appointments posted twice.  Well, that is a pain.  So then I got to doing some research and found out that I also had a calendar with my new gmail account and it put all my appointments under both email addresses.  Confusing and definately not what I wanted.

So, being the computer genius that I am; I decided I would delete the new gmail email. 

This is where I went wrong; completely and totally wrong.  Not only did it delete my gmail email; it deleted my calendar, my iGoogle page, my BLOG!!!  Yes, that's correct MY BLOG!!!!  Everything I had posted - GONE; every picture I had posted - GONE; every story and recipe and idea - GONE!

I'm on the verge of tears because I don't have any of my past posts and don't even remember what they said. 

Sooooo, here is my new blog...... I will add more to it as soon as I dry my tears and continue on with my life.

 - Nancy


  1. Oh Nancy that sucks!!! I can totally relate because I've had many instances where I've accidentally deleted things. Can you contact google and ask them if there is any way you can recover it?

  2. Krissy;
    Unfortunately, Google does not have a customer service department. So, no such luck. Let's just say I have learned a very important lesson: #shouldalistenedtomyhusband



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