Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day of School

Down here in the South
we have already started school,
in fact,
we just finished our 2nd full week of school.

It seems like we have been back for a long time by now
All of our activities have started back in full force.

Zachary is doing football (more on that later)
and Victoria is doing softball.

Trency is still around, he starts back to college on September 15.

Every first day of school starts with dad making waffles for breakfast.
The kids love waffles and by now it's become a tradition.

Another yearly tradition is the "first day of school" picture.
I always take it in the same spot so that I can look
back at the picture and see how much the kids have grown!

I was able to get Zachary coming down the stairs:

And then I put him against the wall for the "official" picture;

Can't seem to get this kid to smile much!

We all then head outside to wait for the bus.
She finally arrives and there is a sadness that comes over us (for a little while, that is).

Then it's time to get the Middle Schooler ready. 
That's not as easy a task as the elementary boy!

She finally gets against the wall for her "official" picture.

Is that a look of annoyance or what?!

Having dad at the bus stop is so NOT cool!

OMG! What if one of her friends see her taking a picture with her dad.
I think her world would probably come to an end.

Finally, the bus arrives to take her on to the middle school.

The house is so quiet after they are gone.

They had a wonderful first day and they were ready to see their friends again.

Before I know it, it'll be time to post last day of school pictures.

Where does the time go?

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