Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friday Night Baseball

Those of you that know us well know that we are are a huge baseball family.  Well, the boys are; I really just go along for the ride.

We try to go to at least 1 Braves game a year.
(That's all that I can handle)

This year Zachary's baseball team all went together.  I wasn't going to join them but once I found out all the other moms were going, I decided to go.  This was actually one of the best games I have ever gone to.  I guess that was because I got to sit with people I know, I mean, we've all been together almost every day of the week and most weekends since February.  We've gotten very close!

I hate when we go to a game and we end up sitting with complete strangers who have to comment on every play and can't stay in their seats. 
(Yes, it's a good thing I only go to 1 a year)

My favorite part of going to Turner Field, other than the fact that it's named after us, is the fact that their isn't a bad seat there.   

We were sitting way up in the cheap seats, but the view of the field was still pretty good.

Check out that tv screen, how would you like to have that in your family room?

Brian McCann up to bat.

I love the view of the Atlanta skyline.

Zachary watching the game.

Victoria and Chatty Cathy, oops; I mean our friend Grayson.

The Braves played Cincinnati Reds, they lost but we still enjoyed our evening.  And because it was a Friday we got the end the night with fireworks. 

And now I'm done; don't have to go back until next year.

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