Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to bring a deck back to life.....

One of my favorite areas in my house, or outside rather; is my deck.  I love to eat dinner out there in the spring and summer.

When we moved to Georgia 17 years ago, I was so excited because I just knew we would be able to use a deck year round.

For the most part we have been able to.  However, it does get cold down here.  And it does actually snow.

Just look at my deck from last years snow....

My poor palm tree!

At the time, I just knew the snow was never going to melt.  We're originally from Ohio so I am not a fan of snow.  Hence the reason we moved south!!

Well the snow did eventually melt and then baseball and softball started. 


And so the deck has just been sitting here, no snow, no love, no flowers, no dinners.

Oh and the dead flowers were just lovely to look at

After looking out the window at it yesterday, I decided I could no longer sit by, I had to do something.  Even if it was just a little something.

So off I went to my favorite flower store and picked up just a few things.  I thought that anything would be better than nothing.

These guys were 50 cents a piece and half dead.  I tried to pick the least dead ones and hope for the best. 

We have flower boxes around the perimeter of our deck and I put flowers in them each year.  Their really easy to do and I can usually grow flowers in them with no problem.

After 1 1/2 hours, in the extreme heat, I finally got them all done.

Now to give everybody a drink of water and clean up my mess.

I got the table cleaned off, moved back to the center so we can fit around it for all our dinners we are going to have out there.  Hopefully :)

The palm tree is so much happier without all the snow holding it down.

Now, lets just hope I wasn't too late planting and everybody grows.

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