Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An All You inspired 4th of July wreathe

I just received my current issue of my All You magazine.  As I was reading through it, I came across this cute 4th of July wreathe that I knew I just had to make.

It was super easy and my daughter and I completed it in one afternoon.

We gathered all our supplies which included:

80 wooden clothespins
acrylic red, white and blue paint
a 10" embroidery hoop
star stickers

We started by painting 30 of the clothespins red and white and painting 20 of the clothespins blue.

We left the clothespins to dry for a short time then came back and did an extra coat of paint on the fronts of each one.

Turning my daughter loose with paint always ends up with something like this...
a pen painted blue, paint all over your work surface and on any pieces of trash that we may have.

Once all the pins are dry, start by clipping the blue pins onto the embroidery hoop.  They should be in the upper left hand side of the hoop and take up about 1/4 of the space.

You then start putting on the red and white pins alternately around the rest of the hoop.  You can do them in groups of 4 or 5 depending on your hoop size.

Once you get the red and white pins on, you can add some star stickers to the blue pins.

And you end up with this cute wreathe.  I didn't put a poly coating over the pins so mine will be hanging inside.

The photo in the magazine also had a red bow hot glued to the bottom.  I chose not to add one but could always go back and do that if I wanted.

It was a super easy craft and like I said, we had it done in one afternoon.  

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