Monday, September 27, 2010

My Bathroom Window

This is the one and only window in my master bathroom.
It is a large window and is usually covered with a mini-blind.

I am not a big fan of mini-blinds so during the summer
when we have tons of leaves on the trees behind the
house, I can pull the mini-blinds all
the way to the top and leave them there.

Since it is dark outside when my husband
and I get our showers in the morning, he likes
to have the mini-blinds closed in case we may have some
peeping Toms in the neighborhood.

Now, keep in mind, this is on the 3rd floor of our house and
we have tons of trees behind us.

I don't think anyone can see in when the leaves are there
but once the leaves fall from the trees during the Fall and Winter months;
it's anybodies guess.

I want to take the mini-blinds down completely and
hang a shear curtain on the lower half of the window.

That would continue to let the light in; while keeping the peeping Tom's out!

The window is right above the bathtub and I have a nice view
of my flower boxes around the deck.

If you look really closely, you can see Home Plate!
My kids have been using my backyard as their personal baseball field for several years now.

The dirt place by that center tree is where they pitch from.
They have spent may hours out there hitting tennis balls over the neighbors fences.

It could be worse; it could be real baseballs.

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