Thursday, November 18, 2010

More goodies from Milledgeville.....

Yesterday was the end of my sons Fall quarter
at Georgia Military College

His last final was over at 2:30 and so I planned
my day accordingly to get to Milledgeville early so that
I could spend some time at the very large antique store there

The last time I went was with all 3 kids and they were less
than excited to shop at any store much less an antique store

Not only is their store stocked to the gills with stuff:

Remember these photos:

{This was just the upstairs and the downstairs is filled just as full}

Their prices were fabulous.  I got some really awesome things, like all of this stuff:

I got all of this loot for a mere $40

The most exciting find of the day was these salt and pepper shakers.

I have been looking for more of these for a year now.  I look for them
everytime I go to an antique store.  I already have 3 sets of them and wanted
to get 6 sets.... why, you may ask.  Well, so everyone at the dinner
table can have their own salt n pepper shakers.  My dining room table seats 6 so....
it just makes sense to me.

I also found this precious snowman figurine.

I love snowmen and have my house full of them at Christmas time,
these are so adorable; and only $1 which was an added bonus.

Don't you agree they are the sweetest thing you have ever seen?

This glass jar is just so practical it had to come home with me.  I see lots of decorating with
twigs in glass jars and thought this would be a great one to use for that.

It was only $2; and for that price,
it would have been crazy for me to have left it in the store.

This is the one that made my family think
I had completely fallen off my rocker.....

These remind me of a diner and I just love diner's.

I thought they would be fun..... silly or fun?  What do you think?

Oh and the books... this place had so many books.  All at fabulous prices.
I got several of these for 1/2 off

I heard "The Help" was a great read.  I'm anxious to get started.

These blankets were the most expensive things I bought.

They were $8 a piece but worth every penny.  They are so soft and will be
great to curl up with this Winter.

They are in perfect condition and I'm pretty sure I would pay a lot more for them
brand new.

All in all I had a really fun day.

Got the boy home from college and now I can focus my attention on Thanksgiving
which, by the way, is coming much too quickly.

It seems like we just had Thanksgiving.

Guess I better go get my table ready!

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