Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365 Day Photo Challenge - January recap

One of my girlfriends has been doing a 365-day photo challenge for a couple years.  I always loved the idea and everytime I saw one of her photos that she posted, I would kick myself for not having joined in on the fun.  So this year, I have stopped kicking myself and am doing my own 365-day photo challenge.

The Challenge:  To take a photo everyday for 365 days.

I may miss a few here and there but so far, I have been doing pretty good.  Sometimes it gets hard to think of things to take a picture of.  Good thing my kids are always so willing to pose for the camera.  {Yea, right}

I thought it would be fun to recap once the month is over.  Without further ado, here is a reacap of our January:

January 1: We made a surprise (and quickly planned) trip to Ohio for the New Year.  This is a picture of my mother, myself and my daughter!

January 2:  We left Ohio for the long drive back home today. 

January 3: Reality had set back in and it was time to tackle all the Christmas decorations I had completely forgotten about while we were in Ohio.  I love decorating for Christmas, hate the taking down part and always regret the fact that I have so much.

January 4:  I love to cook and the recipe I was making called for burgandy.  This was the smallest bottle I could find.  I'll never finish it.

January 5:  I found this recipe in a cookbook called The Happy Baker by Erin Bolger.  They are Peanut Butter Cupcakes and are so delicious.  Definately can't make them too often, they are addicting.  You can get the recipe here.

January 6: I love to read.  I am currently addicted to Nicholas Sparks novels.  Everytime I go to the library, I come home with so many books.  This was a library day.

January 7:  I went to the AR ceremony at Zachary's school.  When he saw that I had brought my camera, he pulled his hoodie over his head and tried to hide.  Didn't work, did it?

January 8:  Went to Zachary's basketball game today.  I edited this picture with a program called Picnik.  I thought it looked cool, so I used it.

January 9:  My oldest son, who watches the weather religiously, told me it was coming.  I refused to believe it.  I didn't go to the store and buy milk and bread and all the other essentials.  About 9pm it started.  Have I ever told you, I hate snow?

January 10:  SIX INCHES!!! That's all that needs to be said.

January 11: I am not a cold weather girl; I like it about 85-90 degrees on any given day.  My kids love the snow.  After a day of sledding, Zachary comes in and makes and icee.  I was freezing just watching him.

January 12:  I had been snowed/iced in for 48 solid hours.  By Wednesday, I couldn't take it anymore.  I had a major meltdown and my husband had to get me out of the house.  He risked the roads to take us to Chick-fil-A.  It was the best chicken sandwich I had had in a long time.

January 13:  Victoria was so bored.  By this time, the kids had been out of school for 4 days.  She open a "restaurant" in my kitchen and cooked for myself and her brothers all day.  She even charged us and made herself $13.

January 14:  Day 5 of no school.  I locked myself in my bathroom with a hot bath, candles and a good book.

January 15:  Homemade pizza for dinner.  I'm sure we spent the day watching a football game, or 2, 3 or 4.

January 16:  I needed an outlet today so I hid out in my craft room and made these pillows. 

January 17:  Scott and I started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University the first of the year.  I have learned so much.  Scott says he already knew all this stuff.

January 18:  Finally the school bus stops in front of our house.  At this point, the kids had only been to school 4 days this year.  This was also a shortened week because of the holiday on Monday.

January 19:  With all the excitement of the snow days, we completely forgot Zachary had a science project due.  Ooops; better get busy.

January 20:  The finished project.

January 21:  No picture today.  Not sure what happened.  Oops!

January 22:  More baking.  Valentine cupcakes this time.  I know it's early.

January 23:  I have big plans for this room.  It seems so dark to me and I'm really wanting to "lighten it up".  Can't wait to get started.

January 24:  I made dinner using this sauce today.  Yum, I could have drank it straight from the bottle, it's that good.

January 25:  It's no secret that I love to read.  I had completely forgotten about this used book store.  They have so many books that really are slightly used.  Great prices also.


January 26:  My buddy; he needs a haircut so bad.

January 27:  Chicken enchiladas.  Double yum!!  Recipe can be found here.

January 28:  Friday night and it's Scott's turn to cook.  This is what he picked up.  It was actually pretty good.

January 29:  Finally we have a day over 45 degrees.  I got this cupboard at a garage sale several months ago with the intent of painting it and using it in my basement.  I hadn't been working on it because it's been so darn cold.  I took advantage of this beautiful day to get started on it.  I got it completely sanded and the first coat of paint put on.

January 30:  Another beautiful day.  Almost 70 degrees!!! Victoria had softball practice so Zachary and I hit BJ's.  We love to shop there despite the snickers of others.

January 31:  I put the final coat of paint on my cupboard.  I think it turned out pretty good.  The next step is to get some glass for the doors and attach them.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

Well, that's whats been going on here for the past month.  What have you been doing?

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