Sunday, February 13, 2011

baseball time already.......

that's right; it's baseball time already

I think it's still a little early but we had our first tournament this weekend
it was freezing in the am, but by the afternoon
the sun came out and we were able to shed our blankets

zachary was just asked to join this team 2 weeks ago
we are really enjoying it and he loves it
but, then again, he loves baseball no matter who he plays for

first at bat

made it to first base; on a walk, I think

the players are able to lead off in this level
this is something that is new to us but
something that we had been waiting for
{by we; I mean Zachary}

made it to 3rd base

got a good lead off

not that time, heading back to the base

waiting for the pitcher to get set

another good lead off

yes!!!  run, zachary

made it, score

better go get the bat

zachary got to pitch 1 inning on saturday

he did a great job

the team did a great job considering they have
only practiced together for 2 weeks.

we got to play 3 games this weekend and it was
a great start to what is sure to be a great season

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