Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our daughter.....

Our daughter.....

the major tomboy.
Most of the time I see her in basketball shorts and t-shirts
she wears jeans to school, but usually she still has on the t-shirts
it's a rare occasion that I will see her wearing what
I call "girl" clothes

Well yesterday was a rare occasion
she actually wore something other than a t-shirt to school
when she got home, I thought she looked really cute so I grabbed
my camera and tripod and decided to snap some photos
of her.

All I wanted was for her to pose for me, one time, and then it would be over

that wasn't going to happen

This is what did happen:

I think she's telling me to put the camera away here

This is where she's telling me that I'm crazy

Like I wouldn't take a picture with hair over her face. 

Geez, she knows me better than that.

She actually sat still for a moment

As close up, still sitting still.

Not quite the pose I was looking for.

By this time, the dog has come in to see what's going on that is so much fun.

Still goofing off..... cute smile though.

Not posing, but at least not moving, or bent over in laughter.

Pretty much over it at this point.

And now the cheez-its come out, or go in rather.

Thanks Victoria; your always such a good sport.

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