Monday, September 24, 2012

Classy Pumpkins

From the very first time I saw a spray painted pumpkin I knew that I would never have an orange pumpkin in my house again.

When I first started spray painting pumpkins I stuck with the basic white.

I have painted them black.

I think my favorite color is now the blue that I painted my pumpkins this year.  I think it gives them a very classy look.

Whoever thought that pumpkins could be classy?

I started with Dollar Tree pumpkins and brassy candlesticks that I got at Goodwill.

I painted the candlesticks black.

Once everything dried, I just used some Gorilla Glue to secure the pumpkin to the top of the candlesticks.

Then I just let them dry and wait for the first day of Fall.
I don't know why this picture makes the pumpkins look white, but they are actually blue.

They are going to hang out in the formal living room this year.  

Two of the candlesticks are the same height and 1 is a little taller.  Adding the stack of books not only gives a little more height to the candlestick but adds some color to the display.

I love the way they turned out and I love the blue.

Have you gotten on the painted pumpkin bandwagon?  What colors have you tried?

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  1. Painting pumpkins is such a great idea. I may try it this year. I know it sounds a little boring, but I'll probably go with white. I LOVE white pumpkins!

    1. I'm sure your white pumpkins will look fantastic. I do love white pumpkins also, but sometimes I like to get a little crazy and throw some color in there Ha! :)

  2. Very classy! Love the blue and the black candlesticks ...

    ... isn't spray paint the best invention ever?!



    1. Thank you Linda! Gotta say, I love me some spray paint!!




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