Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My trip to Value Village

I have been wanting to visit Value Village for several weeks.

I actually had no idea the store existed until I heard about it from another blogger.  Unfortunately, with my horrible memory, I can't remember exactly who that was.  I apologize for my forgetfulness.

When I did a search online and realized there was one about 25 minutes from me; I made a point of heading to check it out as soon as I could.

Today was a great day and I made my oldest son go with me.  He's not a huge thrift store shopper, but he got in the car and went anyway.

Half of the store is made up of clothes and the other half is made up of furniture and home goods.

They didn't have as many house wares as I think Goodwill does but their clothes were in better shape, in my opinion.

I did find this must have.  Too bad I'm done having babies.  Where were these tummy tatts then?

I found this poor thing in the toy isle.  Doesn't this scare all the children that come by?

They actually had a great furniture department.  Everything looked new and it looked really nice.  They had some unique pieces that I haven't seen anywhere else before.

I love this table.  It's the height of a pub table and if I hadn't already put one in my breakfast area, I would have been tempted to get this one.

My son loved this sofa.  It would actually look great in his apartment but since he'll be leaving with the National Guard in February and everything he already has will most likely end up in my house while he's gone, I don't think so.

However, this sofa and love seat would look great in my basement.

They had an OK book section.  Goodwill's book section is much bigger.  I saw a couple things that I might have been interested in and their prices were comparable.

They had a huge section of hats, scarves and socks.  I like that they had them all hanging.  Everything was individually priced, which is very nice as well.  At Goodwill all you get is a sign and everything tossed into a bin.  Having to dig to the bottom of a bin to find something like a hat or scarf is a big turn off for me.

I did find these great place mats.  They are great colors for fall and were only $.99 for 2.  Not a bad deal considering they were $1.99 each originally.  

So I brought them home and put them on my dining room table.  I think they look great and I'll be able to use them through Thanksgiving.  And, yes, they do need a hot iron.  I'll get to that later :)

On another note, completely unrelated.  My daughter hit her first home run yesterday in the junior varsity game.  I was so excited and proud of her.

This is her home run ball from last night.

This is my little softball star!!

Have you ever been to Value Village?  Find any creepy dolls there or is that just at mine?  I would love to hear what you thought.

I'm not sure if it's worth the extra 15 minutes to go there over my local Goodwill.

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