Friday, August 2, 2013

Crayon Art

I was at a scrapbook event recently and some of us ladies got to talking about art projects on Pinterest.  One of them mentioned about the crayon art that her daughter did that sounded really cool.  I'm actually surprised that I hadn't seen it before but I had not.

Luckily, I had been buying school supplies as they were on special prices so I had a few boxes of crayons on hand.  

Supplies needed:

painting canvas (any size)
Crayola crayons (they MUST be Crayola!  We used a 24 count box)
hot glue
painting easel if you have one

I started by laying all the crayons on the canvas just to make sure that I would have room for all of them.

After that, I just hot glued each crayon to the canvas, point facing down.

I set my canvas up on the easel and then my daughter, who was very excited about doing this project; got to work with the hairdryer.

You just start putting heat to the crayons and eventually they will start to melt and run down the canvas.

It's slow going at first but once they get hot; watch out!

In hindsight, I would have put newspapers over the cardboard piece on my table, and on the floor and would have moved further away from the curtains.  We ended up with crayon everywhere.

And, our finished project.  We both loved how it turned out.  You can see, if you look closely; that some of the entire crayons came out of the wrappers and slid down the canvas.  I told my daughter that I really didn't want them to do that.  Her response was, "I can't help it; it's art!"  She's too funny.

I love how it adds a little bit of color to this space in the basement.

So that's our crayon art.  Super easy and lots of fun.


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