Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summertime is Over

School starts back tomorrow.
I'm happy about that and sad all at the same time.
My 2 favorite days of the year are the first day of school and the last day of school.

While the kids are bummed that they are heading back, they are also excited to be seeing their friends, making new friends and getting back into routines.

Our summers are pretty laid back over here.  We turn off the alarm clocks, rarely look at the calendar and just do whatever we feel like doing from each day to the next.

It seems like this summer flew by.  It seems like it went faster than last summer, which also flew by.

So, here is a look back at all the things we did this summer:

We had chicken & waffles at Gladys Knight & Ron Winans restaurant

We shopped at IKEA and bought this light for the basement

We swam at the pool with friends.

We spent time shooting hoops

We traveled to South Carolina and saw cool water towers like this baseball one

and this peach one

I got new flip flops which are perfect for our high school spirit wear

We captured a snake in the basement.

Victoria and I got haircuts

We grilled in the rain.... especially during the entire month of July

We ate at Chick-fil-A... alot. Oh and hid from mom's camera

We tried our hand at fried pickles

We moved the bird feeders around in hopes of keeping the squirrels out.  Didn't work!

We finished the ceiling in the den in the basement.
Well, almost; still need to add trim.

We traveled to Alabama and saw the Mini Statue of Liberty

We also took the kids to the Birmingham Museum of Art where they acted like they had never been out of the house with civilized people before  :(

We went to baseball games

 We went to softball games

We sent the oldest off to Afghanistan for the next several months.

We watched more softball

We took the trolly to the top of Stone Mountain

We skipped rocks in the lake

We played in the mini waterfall

We had putt-putt competitions

We visited the zoo and road the train

When I look back on it like that, seems we did lots of things.

It was a good summer and we are looking forward to what this school year holds.

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