Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A day of Family Fun

Yesterday was Columbus Day and the kids here were out of school.
Only for the day though, I know some kids were out for an entire week for fall break.

Instead of just hanging at the house, I used some of my Coke Rewards points and got tickets to The World of Coke.

My youngest and I love to go there; the teenager, not so much.

I talked hubby into taking the day off and we went with Zachary and let him take his friend.

We had a fabulous time.  (And no, that isn't because the teenager stayed home :)

Once you get inside you get to hear a little history about Coke and "the secret formula".

This room is filled with tons of Coke memorabilia from all around the world.

After you watch a movie, you head into "the hub" of The World of Coke.

They have several Coke bottle replicas designed many different ways.

This is the entrance to The Vault which houses the secret formula.

The polar bear was there.  It was fun getting our picture taken with him.

And this is the actual vault.  Their is a red line on the floor and if you step on it or cross it then an alarm goes off.

It's hard to see but I'm holding an actual Olympic Torch.  It's actually pretty heavy.

We learned a new thing this time around.  
We have been to Turner Field many times and seen the Coke bottle at the stadium.  We didn't know that it was made of baseball equipment.  This is a picture of what it looked like and what all was involved in building it.
- 16 chest protectors
- 18 catchers mitts
- 48 helmets
- 24 jerseys
-250 bats
-71 catchers masks
-6680 baseballs
-86 gloves
-63 bases
-60 shoes

They have since retired this Coke bottle and have a few of the items in the display case.  The baseballs were signed by Atlanta Braves players.

The boys found a great resting spot.

Waiting to head into the 4D theatre.

We finally made it into the tasting room.  I think the boys tried every flavor of Coke that was there.  Has anyone ever tried Beverly?  What did you think?

The view from the top of the parking deck is beautiful!


After we left the World of Coke, he went down the street a little ways to have lunch at The Varsity.

So that was how we spent our Columbus Day.  

It was super fun and we hope to do it again soon.


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