Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another month down........

I can hardly believe that we have completed another
month of this year.  They all seem to be flying by so quickly.
On a bright note, though; spring will be here before
we know it.  As you know, I am a warm weather girl so I am
looking forward to spring.

As I did in January, I wanted to recap our happenings for February.

February 1: I finally got to my craft area and managed to whip up this
pillow.  I love the way it turned out.

February 2: This is our calico, Trinity.  We adopted her from
a local animal shelter 2 1/2 years ago.  So far, she has been a great cat.

February 3:  Victoria decided she wanted a rainbow cake for her birthday.
After doing some research, I learned that it really wouldn't be that hard.
You can see the end result here.

February 4:  Today our daughter turned 13.  THIRTEEN!!! When did that
happen.  We are just beside ourselves that she is a teenager.
Let me just tell you; she has that teenage attitude to go right along with it.

February 5:  Victoria had some fiends over for her birthday.  Here is a slice
of the finished rainbow cake.  It was yummy!!

February 6:  As if Victoria turning thirteen wasn't evough; two days later, Trency turned 20.
I don't care what anyone says, I'm not old enough to have a child
who is 20!!

February 7:  Basketball hasn't even ended and we are already gearing
up for baseball.  Our team goes to an indoor facility to practice
when it is too cold outside.  This isn't a great picture
because it's inside and I was taking it with my phone.

February 8:  Victoria was looking exceptionally cute today so
I tried to do a photo shoot with her.  I should have known better. 
You can see all the pictures here.

February 9: Zachary was doing his homework and I just
loved how his snack coincided with his book and the sofa.

February 10:  More snow.  Really!!  I'm already sick of it
from the 6 inches we got in January.  Luckily, this one didn't stick
around for long.  We only got a dusting.

February 11:  I had to get out of the house so I visited my favorite
antique mall.  I can always find something I need there.

February 12:  Our very first baseball tournament of the season.
It was cold but we had a great time.  Zachary got to work on his

February 13:  I volunteered to bring in the icing for Zachary's classes Valentine
party.  His teacher said I was the first mom ever to bring homemade icing to
her class for the cookies she makes the kids to decorate
every year.  It really isn't that hard.

February 14:  Happy Valentines Day!
The party in Zachary's class was so much fun.

February 15:  Zachary had a very stubborn baby tooth that
didn't want to come out.  I had to take him to an oral surgeon to
have it removed.  He wrote this letter to the tooth fairy:  "Dear Tooth Fairy, I had my
tooth pulled from my mouth and I would like $20 please because
it hurt".  How sweet is that?

February 16:  I have been looking at these magazine
holders for months.  I just couldn't make myself pay $7, $8 or $10 for them.
I found these at Office Depot for $1.  At that price, I got 3.

February 17:  I was sitting outside waiting for Zachary's bus.
The sun felt so good shining on my face.  It reminded me that spring is coming.

February 18:  I was invited to assist Victoria's class with their
frog dissection.  I figured I better jump at the opportunity, it's not everyday
you are invited into a middle school classroom.

February 19:  Hubby and I have been working on this cupboard for months.
We finally got the doors finished and attached.
I love how it turned out.

February 20:  It is no secret that I love to read.  I have read a few things by Debbie Macomber and eally wanted to read her Cedar Cove Series.  I finally picked up the 1st book about 2 weeks ago.  I just finished book 4 today.  They are really good and I can't seem to put them down.  I'm always so anxious to find out what happens in the next book.  If you are looking for a great read; go check these out of your local library.  Or buy them, whatever; just read them!

February 21:  Before I sent some recipes to my mother for her Reunion cookbook, I had to test one and make sure it was good.  It is.  Chocolate Chip Scones.  You can find the recipe here.

February 22:  A bunch of us moms from baseball started playing this game.
It's called Words With Friends and is so addicting. 

February 23 & 24

Ooops....... guess I didn't get a picture these days.  Apparently, nothing happened.

February 25:  Another trip to Office Depot scored me these pens.
I just love the colors.  Reminds me of the beach and spring and summer.
I told you I was a warm weather girl!!

February 26:  Zachary had his second baseball tournament of the season.
It was much warmer this time around.

February 27:  It was a 2 day tournament.  He got to catch during this
game and had a great hit all the way to the fence.

February 28:  I don't know where we found the time, but my husband
hung another shelf for me in my craft room.  My hope was
to get my scrapbooking table cleaned off so I could get busy working on
some albums. 

Well, that's about it for February.  Be sure to tune in to see where March takes us.

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