Thursday, March 10, 2011

A cupboard redo....

This summer my husband was coming home from the grocery store and discovered that my favorite antique store was having a garage sale in their parking lot.

He suggested we go see what they have, and since I'm always on the lookout for some good "junk", off we went. 

We got there at just the right time - closing time.

You know when you show up at something like this right at closing time, the people are practically paying you to take their stuff just so they don't have to shlep it back home with them.

I found about 4 or 5 good things from one booth and the lady running it was giving the stuff to me for FREE.  She also had this cupboard and I ended up throwing $3 her way because I felt so bad that I was taking all her stuff for nothing.

So we loaded the cupboard up and brought it home.

This is what it looked like when we brought it home.

It was pretty rough but I had big dreams for it. 

Now keep in mind that I have never refinished any piece of furniture in my life.  I've thought about it a great deal but never done it on my own.

My husband, on the other hand, is very handy to have around and so I knew if I got into a tight spot, he would be able to get me out :)

In my excitement, I promptly went to the home improvement store and got some paint stripper.  My plan was to strip off the paint, sand it down to bare wood and stain it. 
It's good I can laugh at myself because that wasn't happening.

Those of you who have refinished wood before know what I'm talking about.

So after stripping some of the paint off and sanding it a little, I put it back into the basement where it waited and waited and waited some more.

Fast forward several months; we had a really nice day in February and I just couldn't stand seeing my poor cupboard sitting in the basement half (well, not even half) finished.

This was when I decided that a nice coat of paint would be perfect for it.  I took it outside, washed it up, sanded it a little bit and then primed it.

Oh my gosh.... it was already looking so much better.  It ended up being a really nice weekend so I got the entire cupboard painted.

Looking pretty good for a FREE cupboard that is going in my basement anyway.

If you remember, it also had doors.  We knocked out the insert and I wanted to do glass in the doors.  My husband came up with the idea of putting a piece of plastic in them and painting the plastic with a frosting paint. 

We decided to 'fancy' them up a little bit and add our initial to them.  I created a template in Microsoft Word that I liked.

Printed off 2 of them; one for each door.

I then cut them out and adhered them to the backside of the plastic pieces.  We just used a little scrapbook adheasive so they would be easy to get off.

I went and got some of this Valspar Frosting paint.  It worked really great. 
NOTE: Don't spray this in your basement, it really stinks for a long time and will make your whole family high.  I'm just sayin'.

I was shopping at my fav antique store and came across these 2 handles. 
I liked the simplicity of them.

This is what it looks like completely finished.

I really like the way the doors came out.

It's not stained like I thought it needed to be, but I think it looks great and I'm happy to say that I did it.


  1. Great transformation! Love the color :)

  2. never tried the "frosting" paing before - love what you did! Thanks for sharing on Kammy's Korner

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