Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 2 {40 bags in 40 days)

I'm still knee deep in my 40 bags in 40 days challenge over at whitehouse,blackshutters with Ann Marie. 

Week 2 seemed to be really rough for me.  I'm not sure if it was all the baseball and softball events or the fact that I was working on my 9 year olds room, which happened to be a total disaster area. 

I started out Monday with his closet.  The closets in our house are fairly small, so I figured it wouldn't be too big a deal.  WRONG!  I could have sworn I had just cleaned out his closet.  I couldn't believe the amount of clothes he had that he didn't wear.

The floor of his closet had so much stuff on it that I was almost impossible to get his laundry basket out on laundry day.

So I started as usual and removed everything out of the closet.  I piled everything on his bed. 

The closet completely cleaned out.

Look who came to help!  He actually wanted to sleep in there that night.  I didn't let him.  It's amazing how much room we have when we don't have all the clutter.

I even enlisted his help going through his clothes.  I let him dictate what fit, what didn't fit, what he will wear and won't wear.  He took everything off the hangers and help me bag it up for goodwill or a garage sale.

Look at all the extra clothes that were hanging in his closet.

Tuesday, wednesday and friday, I continued working on his room.  It had really gotten out of hand.  This corner right here drives me crazy.  He seems to just throw everything on the floor in this spot.

His desk is always a mess.  The kid is a genuine pack-rat and loves to hang onto stuff.

Look at this night stand.  Yes, that is a Christmas stocking! 

After finished the closet, we got the clothes he was keeping and promised to wear hung back up.  The floor is clean of stuff and I won't hurt myself trying to get to the laundry basket.

Remember the white bookshelves I had removed from my master bathroom?  Well, they would work perfectly in his room.  He needed the extra storage space too.

It looks so much better and gets all that stuff off the floor.

Check out the night stand now. 

I just hope he can keep it this way.

And in the end, I think 'Ted' the turtle is much happier with a clean room.  Do you see that big smile on his face :)

I promised my daughter that her room was next.  She was totally envious of her brothers room.  I'm slow getting started again this week but I will get there.

One bag at a time!!

I'm linking up with whitehouse,blackshutters.

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) I LOVE how your sons room looks now! I cant wait to see your daughters, I have a 2.5 year old and Im currently plugging through her room, somewhere between my lack of motivation, I'd added two extra days :P Oh well... it still feels REALLY good to get it done.



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