Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Myself Organized

Take a look at what was delivered yesterday.

I was so excited.

 Let me back up and explain.

Even in this day of electronics that can do almost everything for you, I am still a paper calendar/planner girl.  Even though I can view our shared family calendar on my laptop or my phone, I still like to use an old-fashioned pen and write it on a calendar.  I've tried to change and only use my calendar on the phone, but it just doesn't work for me.  I end up breaking down and buying a calendar.

Before the beginning of a new year, I will spend hours perusing all my options at Office Depot, Staples, Wal-Mart, Target.. basically any store that I think might carry a paper calendar that would have everything I want.  I like to have a monthly and weekly views, I like to have places to write phone numbers and notes to myself.  I like to have a To-Do list and a pocket.

I just recently found the Life Planner from  I checked out her website time and time again, watched the video, looked at all the pictures.  I mean, if I was going to make the leap on something like this, I wanted to make sure it would be exactly what I was looking for.

The end of October, about a week before my birthday, I saw a deal on Plum District.  It was for a $50 Erin Condren gift certificate for $25.  A great deal, I could get the life planner for 1/2 price.  On my birthday, I went to some book stores and specialty stores and poured over their planners.  They all ranged in price from 25-45 dollars.  A lot of them had a little of what I was looking for, but none of them had everything I was looking for.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to my calendar.

It was then that I made my decision.  I was coming straight home and buying the offer from Plum District.  I could then get the Erin Condren Life Planner for $25, which is a fabulous deal.  So, that's what I did.  It ended up costing me around $30 by time I added in the shipping. Let me just say it is worth every penny.

First of all, it's customized to me.

It has my initials and my name all over the front.  I just love that.  Nobody can say it isn't mine now can they?

I see so many calendars that go from August to July.  I just can't stand that.  I like to have an entire year in one place.  Not to mention, I'm not ready to buy a calendar in August.  That's something you do in November or December.  This calendar starts in November and goes through December 2012.  I love how it starts in the month we are currently in so I can transfer all my November/December stuff and don't have to carry around 2 calendars for 2 months.  So smart!!

When the box arrived, I couldn't wait to get into it.  So lets see whats inside, shall we?

I'm already in love with the wrapping alone.

Inside the blue envelope were these stickers.  I can use them for so many things; gifts to friends, baked goods; so many things come to mind.  They sent these just because.

What a nice thing to do.

They also sent a Hello and Welcome letter with $10 off my next purchase.

I don't get that from any of the local stores I shop at.

In the very back of the life planner is a zippered pouch.  It will be so great for receipts, cards to mail, stamps or just random notes that I don't want to lose.

It was also filled with some goodies.

More stickers with my initials on them.  Cards that I could put my contact info on to give to people.  Stickers to put on birthday presents.

It also came with these 2 great paper clips.  How fun are those??

Each weekly view has a place to write your goals and to-do's.  I also love how the day is broken into morning, day and night.  Sometimes when I just have one big square to write stuff in, I forget something because it gets jumbled up with everything else and I just don't see it.

 That shouldn't happen with this.

The life planner is chock full of places to write ideas, thoughts, goals, to-do's or just general doodling, what ever it is you like to write down.

It also comes with stickers... got to love stickers.

And I can fit not 1 but 2 pens in the spiral.  You never know when you will need to write in different colors.

So after all my looking and shopping for the perfect calendar/planner.  I believe I have finally found it.  I am definitely sold on this one.

 Now I need to check out the website and see what I can get with my $10 off coupon.  Maybe some notepads or more of those stickers.  The possabilities are endless.

Are you still a paper person?  Have you tried keeping your life organized on an electronic device but just couldn't do it?

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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way being reimbursed for the review of this product.  I just wanted to share my own thoughts on a product that I found and will work very well for me.  Thank you.



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  1. I love planners and this looks like a really cool one!



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