Friday, November 4, 2011

Custom Pillow Tutorial

Sewing is something that I truly enjoy.  I especially enjoy making pillows.

I love how they can change and update a room for very little money.

About 2 years ago, we finally painted our master bedroom.  I'm not sure why the master bedroom is always last on the to-do list, but that just seems to be the case.  I have lots of pillows on our bed and some of those pillows just weren't going with the color scheme.

See the maroon colored one and the purple one.  I actually had 2 of the maroon ones but one was already recovered at this point.  The maroon ones do actually match the curtains, but honestly I have had those pillows for about 10 years and I'm just sick of them.

Because I was doing one of the pillows with a plain cream-colored fabric, I wanted to add a little customization to it.

I made a pillow for my daughter with her initials on it awhile ago and loved how it turned out.  I thought it would be fun to do this pillow with mine and hubby's initials on it for our bed.

Since it has buttons on the cover, I can just uncover it and save that material for something else.

I then start by trimming the edged of the new material to make sure everything lines up right.  I don't understand how material gets cut so crooked in the store.

I then create my letters that I want to use for the monogram on my computer and print it out.

{The STN stands for Scott & Nancy Turner}

Even though I had created the date on the computer, which is our anniversary; I decided that I didn't want to spend time cutting all the numbers out by hand and so I cut them on my Cricut.  I always forget to use that thing.

I use an iron-on adhesive to make the letters out of my fabric I want to use.

You just iron the fabric onto the side without the silky paper on it.

After you have done that, you turn the fabric over with the silky paper side up.

Then trace the cutout letters onto the silky paper with a fabric marker.  Make sure when you trace the letters, you trace them backward.  That way when you cut out your fabric, they will be going the right way onto the outside of the pillow.

You then just peel the sticky paper off the back of the letters and you are left with the glue side, if you will.

Since I wanted to make sure my letters were centered on the front of my pillow, I folded it in half and make an iron mark.  I then folded it in half the other way and made another iron mark.  This gives me a center point to lay out my letters.

I then positioned my letters and numbers and pressed them down.

You need to just hold the iron on each of the letters for about 15 seconds making sure they all adhere to the material.

This is how the finished product looks.

I love the new pillows in my bedroom.

Thanks so much for checking out my tutorial.  Do you sew your own pillows?


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  1. Your pillow turned out really pretty! I have that same light blue material. ;)

  2. I will definitely have to give this a try since I have some Heat-n-Bond. I stenciled our last initial on a pillow about a month ago but this would add some pattern. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  3. [...] I didn’t like the maroon pillows so I changed them.  You can read about the new pillows I made here. [...]

  4. Oh wow! Thank you for the tutorial ... I might even give it a try. ":o)

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Loving it and will tray out the heat n bond method. I think I might have to give3 it a try. thanks so much for sharing at Sunday's Best!



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