Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Game room turned library

I have been finished our basement for awhile now.
I have been taping, sanding, priming and painting one area at a time.

It takes longer, but it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

We (I) use our basement frequently so I have wanted to continue to use it while I'm doing all the finish work.

The latest area I have finished is one of the very back rooms.  This room was once my office then I moved my office into a bigger room with my craft/sewing/scrapbook room.

Several years ago my kids got an air hockey and foosball table for Christmas.  They are not large tables thank goodness; but they are big enough to take up lots of space.  My kids rarely ever use them so I thought that maybe if I made them a room, like a game room; that they would go down there and play.


Not happening.

They game tables ended up being spaces where I would put things that I was wanting to work on but hadn't gotten to yet.

No air hockey going on on these tables.

Having the chairs in there from my old dining table doesn't help much either.

My point is; the kids aren't using these tables so I think it's time for them to go to the garage sale or goodwill but hubby won't hear of it.  

Well since having a game room didn't work, I decided to turn that room into something a little more fun.  A library (sorta).

I know that doesn't sound like fun to some people but sounds great to me.

I moved both the air hockey table and the foosball table into the first room of the basement, which hasn't been finished yet; and moved all my books and the couple dressers they were sitting on into the back room.  I also figured once we start finishing the first room in the basement, it will be easier to work around the game tables than the books and dressers.

The white dresser is a small dresser with a hutch.  Perfect for storing books on.  Of course, we also have the big brown book shelf which is full and the VHS stand turned book shelf.

The chest of drawers had the brown book shelf on top of it but I didn't want it like that in here.  I also added a comfy chair for anyone who would like to disappear down here and do a little reading.

I still need to add a couple pieces of artwork to the walls (and finish the floors and ceiling) but for now, I love how it turned out.

This room is directly attached to my office/craft room and it makes  me so happy to be down there now than when the game tables were in there collecting unfinished projects.

I now have a place to put some of my carousel figurines.

My youngest son and I have used the spot as a quiet little reading nook but we haven't gotten the rest of the family on board.  Oh well, more reading time for us right???


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