Friday, June 8, 2012

Purse organizing love

I normally consider myself a pretty organized person.
I've always thought that I was more organized than my immediate family.
I've thought I was more organized than my friends and especially my hubby.

It comes natural to me that you should keep your papers in labeled file folders and that you should use page protectors in your binders.

I've always been a calendar lover and user. I currently have 3 calendars that I keep up with.  They all have the same information but I just can't seem to only go with one.

I recently purchased a new purse.

This purse to be exact.

 I love the purse.  I love the design of the fabric and I love that it was able to be monogrammed with my initial.

I was looking for a purse that would be big enough for me to carry around my business catalogs and flyers with me so when someone asked what I do, I could hand them a flyer so they could see exactly what I do.

To be honest, I wish the purse was a little bigger.

It has a big bottom, no pun intended; which makes it extremely roomy.

It also makes it sit up, which I love.

What I don't love about the big bottom is everything inside gets piled on top of each other.

Nothing is lined up and organized like I think it should be.  It takes me forever to dig through everything to get to the one thing I want that has fallen all the way to the bottom.

And so I was frustrated.  
I was frustrated that I felt like I couldn't keep catalogs with me and I was frustrated that every time I went to get something, I couldn't find it or get to it.

I was sharing my frustrations with a couple girlfriends the other night and one of them whipped out her purse to show me her organizing techniques.  She is also in direct sales and carries catalogs with her at all times.

Her solution is to put a file folder in her purse.  She tapes up the sides so it's like a little pocket.  I loved the idea and since our catalogs are the same size, knew it would work for me.

She even gave me one of her file folders.

She taped the sides with scotch tape but once I got home, I added packing tape to it so it would hold a little better.

My catalogs and flyers fit perfectly.

   Now I can have them with me at all times.

The file folder slips right down into the middle of the purse and makes a divider so I can keep different things on either side.

I can put my wallet and checkbook on one side.

With my pens, notepad and any miscellaneous things on the other side.

My girlfriend also had lots of little bags in her purse, which I will have to work on getting.

Just for the record, this is everything that had been thrown into the purse before.

I'm not sure I even knew all this stuff was in there.

Since I was organizing, I also took the opportunity to clean up a little.

All of this stuff didn't go back in.

I love the way it looks now, so clean and organized.

Do you have trouble keeping your purse organized?  Does it seem like a never-ending pit of stuff?  Mine doesn't anymore and I am very thankful for that.


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  1. Somehow I manage to lose things even in small purses; this might convince me to try some of the cute bigger purses again!

    1. I hope you are able to find a cute bigger purse to fit your needs. I've always loved carrying a big purse over a small one. Thank you so much for visiting :)



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