Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spirit Wear Necklace

Showing your school spirit is huge around here.

I thought it would be fun to make spirit wear necklaces for all the moms on my son's all-star team.

I actually did this craft with my son's 5th grade class for Christmas except we made the bottle caps into magnets instead of necklaces.

I saw another mom at the park with a similar necklace which got my creative juices flowing.

I already had the bottle caps left over along with the stick-on to go over top.  Hubby was the one who created the paw print insert, I just had him go back and add each players number to it.

My son and I worked on these and I love how they turned out.  The moms all loved them.

So, here's how we did it.

I gathered some of my extra plain bottle caps.

I had hubby create the inserts with each players number then punched them out with a 1" circle punch.

I put a dab of hot glue inside the bottle cap then firmly pressed the 1" insert inside.  Make sure to press all around the inserted piece to spread the glue around.

Once they are all glued into the bottle caps, let them dry for a minute then put one of the clear dome stickers over top.  This protects the insert and makes it "pop" just a little bit.  You can also have a helper do this for you.

Can you see the difference?  The one of the left has the clear dome sticker over it and the one of the right doesn't .

My helper!

I then had hubby drill holes into the sides of all the bottle caps.

I went to Hobby Lobby and got some 6mm round jump rings that would be put through the hole that hubby drilled.  After putting the rings on and making sure they were secure, I cut my ribbon to 25" long.  I wanted the necklace to be long enough for anyone to slip it over their heads.  I didn't have the time or funds to add a clasp to each one.  After putting the ribbon through the jump ring and knotting it off at the end, they were ready to go.

This is what I ended up with.

I added a little something extra to my sons.

I put them all in individual baggies to hand out to the moms at the game.

I hope they will be able to wear them again and again.

I don't believe I did too bad at my first attempt at jewelry making.


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