Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to change piping on softball pants

My girlfriend called me the other night, frantic. 

Her daughter, who has been on the JV softball team was asked to play on varsity for the rest of the season. 

Although she was excited for the opportunity, she wasn't excited about the pants her daughter was given. 

She normally wears an adult small but all that was left was an adult LARGE.  The poor child was swimming in them.

So this is what I started with.  Two pairs of old pants with piping that needed to be removed and 2 pairs of brand new pants that the piping needed to be taken off and sewn onto the old pants.

Oh, and she needed them the next day.  Nothing like a rush job, huh!

As soon as my kids got off to school, I started by removing the piping from the old pants.  Once you get started ripping the stitches out, it moves fairly quickly.

Luckily, the stitches weren't really tiny so they came off fairly easy.

Once the piping was removed for all pants, I lined up the new piping on the old pants and pinned it down.  

Sewing was a bit tricky because I don't have a commercial machine.  I used my old, heavy duty machine and removed the storage compartment from the front leaving the sewing surface smaller.  
I needed to have as little a surface to get the leg of the pants over as possible.

I then just did a straight stitch down the length of the piping.  In this case, I used cold thread with white bobbin thread over the gold part and burgandy thread over that part.  

See how it bunches when you get to the bottom of the leg?  That's why I removed the storage compartment on the machine.  

And finished.  They turned out fine.  Thankfully it's only a couple more weeks she will have to wear them and as long as they are the right color, she will fit in.


Now her mom just needs to get all those stains out :)

I didn't think this project would have taken me most of the day but somehow it did.  Taking out stitches is very time consuming.

But it's done and I'm glad to be able to use my skills to help out friends.  Maybe one day I can teach her how to sew.  

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