Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Victoria's guitar concert

Victoria gave up the clarinet at the end of 7th grade year and took up guitar.

The one she is playing was her dads when he was in college.

She has messed around with it for several years, wanting to learn to play it. 

We were very excited when we learned the school would be offering a beginning guitar class.

Last night was her first concert.

Ready to go....

Heading into the school to do warmups and get a good seat.

We couldn't see her from where we were sitting.  She was almost in the very back row.
During the last song, the teacher let us get up and stand in front of our students to get some pictures and also to video tape them.

They did a great job.  I hope she stays with it.

And now, for the very brave; a video.

I need to let you know that Victoria's brother, Zachary, who is 10 was behind the camera.  He discovered the zoom button so he is constantly zooming in and out on his sister.  Also, he didn't know when to shup it off so you get lots of stuff at the end; people talking, me telling everyone to line up for pictures, telling Zachary to stop zooming in on his sisters face; stuff like that.  Also, note that the band teacher let them play for waaaaaayyyyy to loooooonnnngggg.  So, if you get bored or tired of hearing the same notes over and over, just hit stop and move on with your life.



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