Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Candy Fail

When we were in Ohio for Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law made some great candies out of mint chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips.

They were so good, I couldn't stay out of them.

I could have sworn she told me that she just spread them out on parchment paper and then put them in the oven for a few minutes until they melted together.

Obviously I didn't listen like I should have because this is what I ended up with.

 Hers were so smooth and creamy and good.  Mine was just burnt and disgusting.

Maybe I used the wrong kind of chips.  Hers had a nice minty taste and I used white chocolate chips because I couldn't find the mint flavored ones.

Maybe you can't put white chocolate chips in the oven.

Maybe I had the temperature too high and left them in too long.

I checked them periodically and they were still chip shape so I just let them keep melting cooking.

Then I decided to take them out and try to spread them with the spatula.  I was thinking they were melted and just needed smoothed out.


How sad!

Guess I will just stick with putting chocolate chips into cookie dough.

 At least I gave my kids and hubby a good chuckle.

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