Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pincushion Tutorial

I saw this awesome pincushion over at  Kim and Kris even have a video tutorial on their website showing you exactly how to go about making one of your own.

As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to make one for my mom for Christmas.  I've been holding off posting the tutorial until she got her present.  I didn't want to give it away.

I started off by printing the free pattern onto cardstock and cutting it out.

You will have a front and back body piece, 2 side pieces and 2 oval pieces.  One of the oval pieces can be cut from 1/4 inch thick foam board or plywood as I did.  The other oval piece should be cut from a piece of felt.

I got these 2 bunches of material at WalMart for $10 a piece.  I loved the variety and the colors.

I laid the front and back pieces onto the fabric and traced them with a fabric marker.

I then cut 2 pieces of the side piece.

You can see the outline from my marker here.  It fades away so you're not left with marks on your fabric.

After you get all the pieces cut out, you place the front and back body pieces right-sides together.  You then sew both sides from the top of the neck all the way out to the top of the arm using a 1/4" seam.

This is probably the trickiest part in the sewing.  I had to go back and watch the video just to be sure I was doing it correctly.

You want to line up the top of the side pieces to the top of the shoulder and pin it; then carefully match up the rest of the way down the front piece and the back piece.  Pinning as you go.  Taking your time to make sure everything stays lined up, sew those pieces together.

I started sewing at the bottom of one side then went all the way around the piece to the bottom of the other side.

Turn it right side out and you will have this.

You then stuff the mannequin with polyester fiber-fil.

Make sure you stuff it pretty good so it can be used as a pin cushion.

After that, you will insert your foam board or the plywood in my case into the bottom.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the fabric to the foam board or plywood.

Then apply glue to the bottom of the foam board or plywood and cover with your oval felt piece.

Push it down onto the table to get the bottom flat.

Apply hot glue to the top of your candlestick.

And set the pin cushion on top.

It will look like this.

 You then take a small Christmas ball, put some hot glue on the bottom and push it down into the neck hole.

Finished.  I just love the way it looks.

I'm definitely going to have to make myself one next.

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