Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Thanksgiving trip

We headed to Ohio for Thanksgiving this year.  I'm super late in posting these pictures because once we got back, I jumped right into Christmas.

Our drive up there wasn't so great.  It was so cloudy and nasty out.  This is a picture of us leaving Atlanta.  You can barely see the tops of the buildings for all the clouds.

Have Nemo, will travel.

We have made it a tradition to stop at Cracker Barrel going up and also coming home.  It always makes for a nice break.  We get some time to look at all the fun things they have in the store and we get so many options for eating.  I'm not kidding when I say there is a Cracker Barrel at every exit through every state.

I was hoping to get some nice photos of red, yellow and orange leaves.  I didn't!  All the leaves had fallen and all I got was photos of wet, naked trees.

Yes, we made it into Tennessee.

More wet, naked trees.

Check out those clouds.  Looks like some bad rain is on the way.

And on into Kentucky.  That's when the rain started.

And it rained...

and rained...

all the way into Ohio.

Some photos of Cincinnati

We were so happy to get to Grandma & Papa's house.  We actually made pretty good time getting there even with the rain.  Now lets just hope we don't get any snow while we are here.

You can also check out the slide show of all the photos of wet, naked trees our trip up North.


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