Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Open House

We finally got our Christmas decorations put up inside and outside.  Of course I could only get pictures of all the lights when it is dark out.  This was the best one I got.  The other ones were all blurry.  It would have helped if I had used my tripod but I was just to lazy to walk into the house and get it.

So this is the outside.  Each year hubby adds a new element to the outside decorations.  This year he added a cross and manger.  You can see the cross to the left of the tree but the manger, which has lights, isn't on.  Not sure why.

This is our frosty.  We've had him since the movie "Christmas with the Kranks" came out.  I just love that movie.

The front door.  Look at all those power cords.  Geez!

So, come on in.

The first thing you see when you walk through the door is our 10 foot Christmas tree.  And the loveseat.  Poor thing, it just doesn't have anywhere else to go during the month of December.  And the dog just had to get in this picture, she wasn't in the mood to listen to me when I told her to get out-of-the-way, I guess.

This is the view of the dining room from the entry way.

The is the view of the formal living room directly across from the dining room.

Another view of the formal living room from the dining room.  The front door is to the left.

This is also the room that houses my fun tree.  This tree actually belonged to hubbies parents.  It came home with us one year after they got a new tree.

Each year I get an ornament from the beach for this tree.

One day I would like to have this tree filled with snowman ornaments.

This is in the entry way directly across from the dining room.

The 1/2 bath, which is off the entry way, also gets a little Christmas cheer.

This is the view from the family room (at the back of the house) to the front door.

The kitchen gets a little decorating.  I try not to do too much because then it just gets in my way when I'm doing all my baking. Not to mention, the kids still load up the bar with all their stuff.

We decorate the window in the breakfast area.

One of the end tables in the family room.

The coffee table.

 These glass trees were full of M & M's not too long ago.  My daughter (and hubby) have figured out how to lift the lid slightly to let the candies fall out.

Our 10 foot family tree.

This tree is decorated in red and gold and most of the decorations on it belonged to my grandmother.

Last but certainly not least; our fireplace.  You can see our mantle up close and personal here.

Well this sums up the tour of the downstairs.  It's always such a fun time decorating our house every year.  I just love all the lights from the Christmas trees and of course all of my snowmen.

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