Thursday, February 16, 2012

Floors are Installed

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted.

I've been meaning to, but have been busy kicking off a new business.

I launched my Longaberger Basket business the end of January and have been trying to learn all the ropes.

Everything here at the house and on the blog have been at a standstill while I figure out what I'm doing and try to get off to a good start.

For those of you who don't know, I will be selling baskets and pottery, like these:




I was first introduced to Longaberger in 1993.  My soon to be sister-in-law was selling and I fell in love with the baskets.  I started collecting all I could get my hands on and my in-laws were great about getting me a basket for my birthday and Christmas.  It only seemed right that after 18 years, I would start selling them.

So, before my new business adventure, we did manage to get our hardwood floors installed in the master bedroom and hallway.  We looked and looked for what kind of floors we were going to put upstairs.  We wanted something to kinda match the floors downstairs but weren't certain that we wanted to go with 3/4 inch hardwoods.  Our kids bedrooms have a laminate on them, because kids spill stuff, we didn't want to go with anything too expensive.  We were not planning on replacing the floors in the kids rooms so we wanted something that wouldn't be too much thicker than what was in their bedrooms.

We decided to go with a locking laminate (which looks like real hardwoods) and we put a nice padding under it.

We started by clearing all the furniture out of our bedroom that we could.  Of course, we couldn't take down the bed, we still needed a place to sleep at night, so we just had to work around it.

We then put down all the padding.  It had a sticky strip that held the pieces together so it wouldn't move as we walked on it.

Once the padding was down, hubby took some time to measure and lay out the part that would flow from the hallway into the master bedroom.  We wanted a clean line looking from the hallway into the bedroom and vice versa.

We're pretty sure you would have been able to tell had it ended up even just a little bit crooked.

We started in the hallway right at the top of the stairs.  This part took some time with all the cuts that were needed.

We then extended it straight into the master bedroom.  We pushed the bed and my big dresser to one side and worked the wood toward the other direction until that side was finished.

Once all the corner cuts were finished, the process actually moved fairly quickly.  Each row, we only had to make 1 or 2 cuts.

After that side was finished, we moved the dresser and bed to the other side of the room and put down that padding.

That side really went fast.  We had become sorta pros at this point and luckily we didn't have anymore of those crazy corner cuts like in the hallway.

I was so excited to get them done and I love the way my curtains look with the new floors.  We still have to put down the quarter round and get the furniture put back but this is a huge improvement.

I'll be sure to share the finished room very soon.



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