Saturday, February 25, 2012

Master Bedroom Floors are Finished

The master bedroom floors are finished!

I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out.

We did the bedroom and upstairs hallway with the same flooring so it's a nice flow.

Hubby finally got to work on putting in the corner round.

The pneumatic staple gun that we got to finish my dining room chairs came in very handy for this project.  We're not sure what we every did before owning this great tool.

Hubby finished off the ends so we wouldn't have to come back and paint.

I love the look of the finished clean lines.

This is the view from the hallway into the master bedroom.

I really like having it all one surface.  I just flows and makes it so easy to use the swiffer on it.

We changed the layout of the bedroom back to how we had it originally when we first moved into this house.

When we painted and tore out all the carpet, we put the bed and night stands in front of the windows.

It was ok, but with Winter coming, we thought it would be better to put the bed back on the other side.

The curtains also got very dusty being behind the night stands.

This is my side.

I like being able to see the curtains pool onto the floor.  With the night stands in front of them, we weren't able to see that before.

Note: we finally got rid of that 13 inch tv that we have had in our bedroom for 17 years.  Hubby just bought me a new 32" flat screen.  It's fabulous!!

This is the view from the green chair in the above picture to the door.

Hubby's side.

So, that's pretty much it.  I may add/change some of the accessories and maybe add some photos to the walls;  but the floors are done.

I love them.

I love walking on them with my bare feet.

So we just need to finish the carpeting on the main stairs and the basement stairs and all our floors will be done.

I cannot wait for that day.

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  1. Looking good. Wood floors make such a big difference. I popped over from Serenity Now linky weekend.



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