Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo of the Day: Smoked BBQ Pork Sandwiches

Photo of the Day: Day 27 | Something I Ate #febphotoaday, Uploaded with Snapbucket

In January I started the Photo a Day challenge with Fatmumslim.  I love this challenge because Chantelle gives a guideline for everyday of the Month.  It isn't just a "take a picture every day and post it" kind of challenge.  She gives ideas.  A game plan, if you will.

I love that because if I'm just told to take a picture of something, I will keep waiting around all day for that something and before I know it, it's time for bed and I hadn't taken my picture.

So, Chantelle's plan works for me.

Yesterday's photo was to be taken of Something I Ate.  I've been doing eMeals for a while now and while all their recipes have been good; sometimes I get one that is fabulous.

Last night's recipe was fabulous.

It also took forever.  My forever, I mean all day in the oven.  Not just 4 or 5 hours but all day!

It was well worth it, though.

You start out with a 6-8 lb Boston pork butt.  I used a 6 lb and had tons left over.  I can't imagine how much would be left over with 8 lbs.

Put the pork butt in a deep baking dish and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cover with aluminum foil, put it in a 280 degree oven all day.

Then you just sit back and wait.

About mid day, you will start to smell its deliciousness and want to get in there and have a look.  Try to refrain from doing that.

It won't be ready till dinner time (or supper, depending where you are from).

Once it is finished cooking.  {I put mine in about 9:30am and took it out about 5:00pm.}

Take the aluminum foil off and let it stand for a minute to cool.

Remove the fat and bone then shred the meat with a couple forks.

The recipe calls for 4 TBSP of liquid smoke.  I left that out and just added in the BBQ sauce.  Mix it all together and use it to make sandwiches.

I so wish I had some coleslaw to add it my sandwich.

I served it with fried red potatoes and egg noodles.

The best part is that there is plenty for leftovers.

And so, here is the recipe:


6 - 8 lb Boston pork butt

Salt, pepper

Aluminum foil

3-4 T liquid smoke

18 oz bottle BBQ sauce

1 bag hamburger buns

Place pork butt in a deep baking dish.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cover tightly with foil.  Bake in 280 degree oven all day.  Uncover, cool slightly.  Remove all hide, fat, bone and liquid.  Shred pork in dish.  Drizzle liquid smoke over meat.  Toss.  Serve meat on heated buns.  Top with BBQ sauce.


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