Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's time to get rid of stuff!

Last year about this time I found Ann Marie over at White House, Black Shutters.

Ann Marie had a little challenge going called 40 bags in 40 days.

The idea was to clear your house of unnecessary clutter.  We all have it, some of us keep it hidden better than others; but we all have it.  I immediately jumped on board.  I hate clutter.  My favorite thing to do is throw things out.  {Or hide it in drawers, but we won't go there just yet}

I started in on hubby and I's  master bedroom closet.  I was so excited to have gotten rid of so much stuff.  Clothes that I didn't wear anymore, purses that I had been hanging onto, shoes that were shoved into the back corners of the closet.  It felt so refreshing to see those things go to a good home.  Someone else's home!!

The next day, I got busy in the master bathroom.  I couldn't believe the clutter that I found in there.

I got it all cleaned up, looking nice and wanted to go ahead and get to painting and adding some nice touches to that area.  Obviously I wasn't that motivated because the paint is still sitting in the paint cans waiting to go on the walls.  Maybe my fairy godmother will come in one of these nights and do it for me??  No?? Well, it was worth a shot anyway.

After tackling the bathroom, I moved onto the kids bedrooms.  They loved that I had decluttered their rooms.  Probably mostly because they didn't have to do it.  Well their rooms have since been filled with stuff.  I swear I don't know where these kids get all their junk from.

I guess cleaning and decluttering the kids bedrooms was too much for me (or maybe I thought I was done) but that seems to be where I stopped.  I don't know why.  Maybe I thought I had tackled all the clutter in my house.  Maybe my ADD kicked in and I forgot what I was doing.  Whatever the reason, I never finished.

Sad, very sad!

Well, Ann Marie is at it again.  It's a new year and a new challenge.  Same general purpose, to clear clutter, but new.

New year, new challenges; I like it.

I wasn't sure that I was going to join at first.  I mean I did this last year, we should be good, right? Wrong!!

Completely and totally wrong!

I'm not sure why we have so much stuff.  I'm not sure where it all comes from.

It's everywhere.

So I am using this new challenge to get busy.  I'll be posting my updates weekly (on Friday) and linking to the linky party over at White House, Black Shutters.

Be sure to check back and see if I'm actually making a dent in our clutter.

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