Monday, December 6, 2010

A new chandelier.... in the basement of all places

Most people you know probably don't put a chandelier in their basement.  Well, I'm not most people.

When I shop, I look for things I love, buy them and then decide where they should go.

That is probably completely different from what any professional decorator would do and since I'm not a professional and it works for me.... I'm going to stick with it.

I was at my favorite antique store and I found this chandelier.  Don't you just love it!

I love that's it's not the traditional shiny gold that you see in so many of the new homes that are being built.  Mine included. 

I love that it's unique and looks kinda old.  I also loved that it was only $25 and the one hanging beside it was $200.  Didn't know chandeliers could be so expensive.

So I loaded it up and brought it home.  Hubby was so proud.  Especially since he knew he would be the one to hang it.

I used to sell scrapbooking supplies and I would have workshops at my home.  I had a big room in my basement set up with big long tables and would hold monthly crops down there.  In order to provide the most light, which is important when scrapbooking, we installed flourescent lights in this room.  Well, flourescent lights are great for the lighting aspect; but they make you look horrible and they are not pleasing especially at midnight; which is when said crops would usually end.

This is the room; which, as you can tell is no longer used for crops.  It's now just a hangout place for the family.

We have had problems with the fluorescent lights since we installed then and one of them in the room quit working.  It hasn't worked for months now and instead of buying a part to fix it, we decided to just replace it. 

Out with the old.......

In with the new......

I love the new light so much better.

Of course, it doesn't give off as much light as the fluorescent did, but it makes the room feel much warmer.

Now if we can just do something about the ceiling........

Merry Christmas..

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