Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A red and gold Christmas tree

I don't think it is any secret that I love Christmas trees.

I have 5 christmas trees in my house that are over 5 feet tall and 2 that are under 4 feet tall.  Most are decorated, all have lights. 

About 6 years ago, I was shopping at an outlet store after christmas.  I wasn't looking for a new tree but they just happened to have their trees on clearance.  Well, just the sign clearance, is enough for me to stop and take a look.  I came home that day with a 10 foot christmas tree.

Now, if I lived in any other house, I would've had to leave it in the store. But because my house has a 2-story family room, then I can have a 10-foot christmas tree.  YES!!!!

I can't remember if I put it up that year in all my excitement or if I waited until the next year.  Anyway, it has become my "formal" red and gold Christmas tree.  Most of the ornaments on it belonged to my grandmother.  Up until this year we had red and green lights on it.  When we got the lights out this year, 4 of the strands didn't work. 

So, off to Target we went in search of new lights. 

With a tree of this size, you can't just get by with 2 or 3 strands.  No!! This tree takes 6 strands of lights.  $60 in lights, they better last forever.

Instead of doing the red and green lights again, I decided that I wanted to go with all red.  Hubby thought it might be too much red.  But I ask you, " Is their such thing as too much red?" 

So here is my tree:

This picture makes the tree look really bare to me.  Guess I need to do some after Christmas ornament shopping.

As I mentioned most of the ornaments belonged to my grandmother. 

We also have a large french horn just like this one.  I don't hang it on the tree but my daughter uses it as a real french horn.  She will come home from school and "play" christmas songs on it.  We are not sure why, but she always has.  She loves it though.

I also added in some new ornaments.  Red and gold of course:

Here is the tree at night.  It's really hard to see how pretty it is in the picture. Trust me though, it's very pretty at night.

Since we have gotten the tree, we haven't had anything on the top.  We wanted to put a star up there but knew that it just couldn't be any star.  It had to be the right size and the right color.  Because the tree is so tall, we didn't want to get a little star because it would get lost and just look funny.

When we put it up this year we still didn't have anything for the top.  I have looked at all the stores and nothing jumped out at me.

This is the very top of the poor tree saying "put something up here"

 How sad.....

So just recently I relearned how to make bows.  They are nothing fancy, but they serve their purpose.  I knew how to make them when I was in high school but have forgotten since then.   I mean, that was so long ago.

So I watched this video tutorial recently and it all came back to me.

I went to my favorite craft store and got a big spool of ribbon with the intent of making a bow for my tree.  I have seen other trees with big bows on top and they look great.

Almost finished.  I want it to have long flowing ribbons to hang down the tree.

The finished bow. 

Not too bad, now to get someone to hang it for me.

Oh yea, that's what hubby is for.... and in the middle of the Falcons game no less.

Done!!  Yea, I think it looks great.  And now my tree can be very happy with the top covered.

Sorry about the light shining on the top of this picture.  No matter what angle I tried to take the picture from, the light was shining in those windows.

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