Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day off of School

The kids were off school today so instead of staying home and trying to keep everyone from hurting each other, I decided that we would get out and do something.

A local game ranch in our area was having a special.  Everyone could get in for 1 dollar.  So I called one of my girlfriends and told her to pack up the kids that we were going.  We got there right after lunch and the place was packed.  Completely and totally packed.  But, hey, we were getting in for a dollar.  We would just have to deal with it.  It was also a nice day, perfect for an outside activity.

I do have to warn you, this post contains tons of photos.

Just know you've been warned.

The first thing we saw right off the bat was this beautiful peacock.

My friend's son, Isaac checking out a deer.  See it to the left of his arm.  It blends in really well with all the dead Christmas trees.

People can bring in crackers, peanuts, carrots, corn and other things to feed to the animals.  Because it was $1 day, the animals had been fed so much.  This rabbit looks like he just can't move anymore.  Look at all the food that has been shoved into his cage.

My daughter and Isaac shoving more food into the Pheasant's cage.

I wasn't able to get a good picture of the Georgia Black Bear.  Guess it was nap time.

They have a ton of deer there.  They will come right up to you and eat the carrots or crackers right out of your hands.  It's so cool for the kids.

The Peacock's there are just beautiful.  I would like to bring one home and let it run around my backyard so I can stare at it all day.  Unfortunately, our home owner's club won't let us do that.

These are some fancy looking chickens.  Our chickens when I was growing up never looked like this.  They were just your average everyday run-of-the-mill chickens.

My friend Lynda and her son Isaac with the baby cow.  Having grown up on a dairy farm, baby cows don't impress me that much.

The turkeys would not turn around so I could get a good picture.  So all you get to see are turkey butts.

Momma and her baby.

The sheep are interested in what he has in his hand.

Hey kid, give that here!

Yummy, carrots!

Another momma and her baby.

Victoria gives the donkey some saltines crackers.  Who knew that donkeys liked saltines crackers?

And onto my favorite, the goats.

If we should ever move from the city to the country where I can have animals, I would like to have a great big goat farm.  I even showed goats in 4-H when I was a little girl.  They have always been my favorite.

They also have some buffalo.  The main purpose of the game ranch is to rescue injured animals or animals in the area that people find wandering around or that they've had at their house and no longer can care for.  I'm not sure who in Lilburn, GA had buffalo but I'm pretty sure they didn't find them out in the wild somewhere.

This guy is huge.

We went into the bunny petting area and all the boys got to pet the bunnies.

Isaac thought it would be funny if he locked Victoria into the petting zoo.  I guess he wanted her to stay there.

The only thing between Isaac and the chickens is just this little rope.

No problem, he just knocks it down

and walks right on in.

The chickens are scattering.  I'm pretty sure he has carrots in his hands.  Chickens don't eat carrots silly boy.

Off to see if we can get a glimpse of General Lee.

You know the famous groundhog that determines if it will be a long winter or early spring for us Atlantans.

Standing outside General Lee's mansion.

I was told he has 3 stories in his house.  I've never been inside so I'll just have to believe it.

All the kids have to take their turn ringing the bell.

No wonder the groundhog never comes out.  All that bell ringing probably has him scared.

So that was pretty much out day.  Once we finished we took the kids to the playground for a few minutes.  It started to sprinkle so we headed for the car since we had to park so far away.

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