Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchen organization

It is a cold, overcast day in Atlanta today.

What a great day to show the kitchen a little love.

My kitchen is fairly small and I don't have a lot of cabinet space.  One of our cabinets has always been dedicated to plastic cups.  It's at the bottom and was very convenient for the kids when they were little.

Now that they have gotten a little older, we don't need to have as many plastic cups for their use.  They can pretty much safely use glass.

I decided that I would use this day to clean out the cupboard that houses our plastic cups.  It was time for some of the ones we've had forever to go away and some that have been sitting at the back of this cupboard never being used to go as well.

This is what the cupboard looked like:

We also keep our plastic pitchers in there too.  Well, I figured that since I am downsizing our number of plastic cups and they are currently in this bigger cupboard, maybe I could move them to a smaller cupboard and use this bigger one for other things.

This cupboard which has all my stones, cooling racks and cutting boards in it is way too crowded.  However, these things would be much more comfortable in the bigger cupboard.

See how crammed everything is in there?

I decided it was time to do the ole switcheroo.

Everything came out of both cupboards so I could see what we have and what needs to go.

I had some things in the back of the cooking stones, cutting boards cupboard that I had forgotten I even had.

I then sorted the cups onto 3 piles.  The cups on the left are cups that we use frequently.  The cups on the right are either broken, missing lids, or I'm just honestly tired of them and want them to go away because they are taking up too much room.  The cups in the middle are ones that may get to stay depending on space available.

Using my new cleaner that I made the day before, you can read about that here, I cleaned both now empty cupboards.

I then put all the things we wanted to keep back inside.

This is the new plastic cup cupboard.

And the new location for the cooking stones, cooling racks and cutting boards.  They seem so much happier in there.  I was even able to put my waffle maker and foldable griddle on the shelf.  Those 2 things were taking up residence in my pots and pans cupboard and were always in the way.

Everybody looks so much happier in there.

I'm so glad I did this project.  My family will be so confused for a couple of weeks but they will figure it out.

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