Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bedroom C Progress

Early last week I started redoing this bedroom.

It was originally my daughter's room but lately my 20 year old son has been staying in it.

After Trent gets his own place in a couple months, it will become my husband's office. 

Trent has been off playing Military Police for the past 10 days so I decided it would be a great time to give this room a new coat of paint and some new decorating.

Remember this paint and cute border.

The border came off, holes were patched and we gave the room a coat of primer.

I finished painting the walls on Monday and last night hubby hung the shelves that I repainted.

Trent is suppose to be home sometime today and I wanted to make sure I got pictures of the room clean before he blew in here and threw his stuff all over the floor gets home.

It's not completely finished, I still have curtains to make and will change out the bedding when I find something that will go in there.

Let me just say that it is rainy and cold and dark and just plain nasty in Atlanta today.  Not a very nice day to try to take pictures but I used Picnik to touch them up a little bit so hopefully they aren't too bad.

So here is the big reveal.....

See how dark my hallway is.  That gives you an idea how nasty it is here.

I love the color.  I think it looks so crisp and clean.

I have 2 shelves that I painted yellow.  I love the paint color but hubby thinks they blend in too much with the overall room color.  I may end up painting them something a little darker to give them a little pop.  We'll see.

I had a lot of fun picking up some accessories yesterday at Hobby Lobby

Everything was 50% off!

One day I may put pictures of people we actually know in these frames.

I love the way my lamp looks in here.  You can see how I redid it here.

I got some material yesterday at JoAnn Fabrics to make some curtains.  They had most of their fabric for 1/2 off but what I picked out was discontinued so I got it really cheap.

Since it's so nasty and rainy here today, I'm going to be hanging in my workshop and trying to get them done.

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  1. Good job are my inspiration!!!

  2. This is so unique and awesome..So creative..Im Marilyn and your newest follower..I would LOVE for you to share this at my Pin'Inspirational Thursday creative linky party pweease -- TY .. ..Lovely blog :))



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