Monday, October 17, 2011

A lamp makeover

I got this lamp at a garage sale this weekend.

I was going to use it in my basement since the shade was already black but decided to redo the shade and use it in the bedroom that we are redoing.

The lamp looked like this when I bought it.

I am redoing it in the fabric I used as my inspiration for this room.

I started by laying out my fabric and cutting off the excess. I wanted to save some to match some more fabric for the curtains and pillows.

I then pulled the fabric up around the shade to get it how I would like it and held it on with clamps.

I wasn't sure how to do the corners so I decided it would look good pleated.

I then ran hot glue just below the lip of the original shade.
I did that all the way around the straight edges and help them in place with clamps until the glue dried.

I then did the corners. I held the corners tight and applied the glue, then let them dry with the clamps on. After they were dry, I removed the clamps and made sure the entire corner was glued down. If it wasn't I just applied more glue where needed.

After I finished the top side, I turned it over and used my exact-o knife to cut a slit in the material. I worked on one side and corner at a time. Trimming as close to the shade as possible and gluing down as I go. Again holding the material with clamps until it dries.

I did that all the way around then cut the material as close to the shade as possible.

I also applied ribbon along the top edge.
I did this with the hot glue gun also, but would have preferred using something else.

Maybe next time I'll use some spray adhesive. I think that would make the ribbon lay flat better.

This is the finished product.

With the light on.

It's going to look great in the redecorated bedroom.
I can't wait to get it done.

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