Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stand Makeover

This little table was one of my garage sale finds.  I just stopped off for a quick peak and this stand caught my eye.  I believe I only paid $3 for it.

Since I have been finishing my basement, I've been looking for cheap stands and accessories that I can redo. 

The stand wasn't in too bad of shape but it had this piece of tile glued to the top. 
Don't ask me why.


It was on there pretty good but hubby was able to pry it off.

I then had to sand quite a bit to get the leftover glue off.
I didn't take any pictures of that part; we all know how to sand, right.

I then spray painted it black.  I'm doing most of my accessories in the basement black.  Picture frames, bulletin boards, cheap little stands that I pick up at garage sales.

I did 3 coats on the whole thing.  Because I didn't prime it first (duh) the paint soaked into the wood and it was hard to get the top, where all the glue was, to look smooth.

Next time, I'll make sure to prime the wood first.

I then found this cute lamp and shade at Goodwill for like $7.  I just love the shade and it has the colors of my basement walls in it.


I love how it looks on the stand.


And with the light on.  Of course, it doesn't make for a great picture.


I just love the transformation that a can of spray paint can give.

I've been having lots of luck with lamps at goodwill.

How about you? Do you have a lamp fetish like I do?  I just can't seem to have enough lamps in my rooms, any room.

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  1. I just redid a lamp as well, so I definitely need to get my post done about it! Great job on your stand! :D

  2. Love it! Way cute!!

  3. I love spray paint too! So easy to change up projects FAST!
    cute stand and lamp! Good luck with the basement!



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