Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome Home

While my oldest son has been off playing Military Police in Florida for the past 10 days, we have been home redoing his bedroom.  I had hoped to have it finished before he got here which I pretty much did except for hanging curtains on 1 window and making some throw pillows.  I really wasn't sure when he would be getting in {he's 20 and doesn't always tell us these details}, the military is always changing so you never know.

Well he got home today.  I was excited to see him but more importantly excited to see his reaction to his new room.

He was pretty excited.  He said that he really liked it.


The dogs were more excited to have him home.

This is his "I'm very excited to not have a pink and purple room anymore even though my mom decorated with pineapples" look.


And now the room looks like this.


Excuse me while I go cry.

I'm sure he's changing his facebook status and tweeting about all the exciting changes to his room.

No?? You don't think so???  Me neither!

Well, at least he has a nice place to crash.

I'm not sure exactly what they were doing in Florida for the past 10 days.  I keep trying to get him to bring us home gas masks but he won't do it.  Oh well, maybe next time.

For now, it's nice to have him home.

You can read all about his room transformations here and here.

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