Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garage sale score!

As I was taking the kids to school yesterday morning, I noticed a pretty good sized garage sale in the neighborhood in front of mine.

I don't usually get to go to many because we are usually heading to the softball or baseball fields and don't have time to stop.

After all the drop offs on Friday, I decided that I would take the time to check this one out.

This lady had a ton of stuff and I walked away with some pretty great deals.  In fact, she had so much that I didn't see everything so I came back in the afternoon with my girlfriend so she could look.

I also went back today just to see what else may have been uncovered while I was gone.

I usually don't get to go to a garage sale once a weekend let alone 3 times in one weekend.

Well, just take a look at some of the fabulous things I got.

These shoes were brand new.  I don't know that they were ever worn more than once. 
They were $3!! Good thing they were just my size.
BTW; they are very comfortable!!

These lamp shades will be perfect for one of my chandeliers in the basement. 
They were 12 for $2!

I collect snowmen and I just started collecting snow globes.  So what a better find for me than a snow globe with snowmen in it.

I paid just $2 for it and it's really big. 

I also got this hummingbird feeder for $1.  It's a pretty nice one too.  I just need to make their food and hang it out front.

This lamp will be great in the room I'm redecorating.
Right now my plan is to redo the shade with some material that will match that room.

When I went back in the afternoon, I found this great wall hanging.

It was also $2!

I also found these ramekins.  They are 2 different sizes and I only paid $2 for all 8 of them.

I also found this great platter.

It will make a great cake plate.

My best find of the day was this basket.

Yep, it's a Longaberger.  When I saw it I almost flipped out; when I saw the $2 price tag, I almost did cartwheels down the ladies driveway.

It's from 2007 and it's the Horizon of Hope basket.

It's in perfect condition with the lid.


As I said, I also went back today.  Because they had so much stuff, I thought that I might find just one more thing that had been uncovered.  You just never know, right.

Well, much to my excitement, I found these.

Yep, Longaberger again.


They were actually priced higher than the basket at $4 each.  Still a great price.

I guess maybe the lady having the garage sale just didn't know what she had.  Maybe she had never heard of Longaberger before.  Maybe she just had too much stuff in her house and needed to do some serious getting-rid-of-stuff.

Whatever the reason, I got some fabulous products for a little bit of nothing.

Aside from collecting snowmen and snow globes, I guess you could also say I collect baskets.  Longaberger ones to be exact.  At last count, I have 47 of them!!  Yea, I think that makes me a collector.

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