Friday, October 21, 2011

Garage Sale Love

After finding such great deals at garage sales last weekend, I decided that I would hit up a couple today after I dropped the kids off at school.

Because it is so darn cold here, there weren't many to go to.  The ones I did go to had a couple great items that I just had to have -  so I would call it a success.

At the first one I stopped at I found this chair.

I hate the fabric.

*Yes, mother; I hate the fabric.  I know you probably love it but it's not my style ok, and it's ugly*

There, got that off my chest before she said anything.  I will most definitely be changing the fabric on this chair as soon as I find something I like.

I wanted to put a chair into the newly redecorated bedroom/future office and for $20 this one would certainly work.

It does have 1 small scratch the lady said was from her cat.

Other than that, it's in great condition.

It's well built and very comfortable. 

I also spotted this cute picture frame.  Since it was green, I thought it would go in the same bedroom.

The lady told me to take it and just pay for the chair.  What a great lady, maybe she will have garage sales every weekend and give me something free.  No?  Well, it was worth the shot.

Look how darn stinkin cute it is.

At my 2nd stop I found this.

I know it looks small but it's not.  It's actually a perfect size for me.

I have been wanting a bike forever.  The guy was asking $10 for it.  It's in pretty good shape.

Other than a little rust on it, oh and the brakes aren't really working.

{I hope my next post doesn't involve hospitals and ambulances and casts.}

I'll just have to get hubby to work his magic :)


I also found these glass bottles.  I haven't a clue what I am going to do with them, I just thought they were cool.

Oh my gosh.. I hope I'm not turning into a hoarder.


This is how the chair looks in it's new location.

It's a perfect fit.

My son said I'm making the room look more "girly" than with the pink and purple walls.
hmmmm.. ya think?

We are heading off to a softball tournament tomorrow so this was my only day of garage sales I could go to.  I'm very happy with my findings. 

I hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. Whoohoo! What super finds!!! Yard sale prices are the absolute best, though somehow I can't ever manage to get up early to make them!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!



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