Monday, October 17, 2011

A decorative pillow

We are currently redoing one of our bedrooms. We call it "Bedroom C" because it was originally our daughter's bedroom when we first bought the house. Then when our oldest son went off to college, Victoria decided she had to have his bedroom. So she abandoned her original bedroom to move into one on the other side of the house. We put our oldest son's furniture into this now empty bedroom. He decided college wasn't his thing so he came back home and has been in the pink and purple bedroom ever since.

Last week he left for Florida with his National Guard unit for 10 days. Before he left, he cleaned up his room. I had told him I couldn't and wouldn't repaint if I couldn't get through the door. I guess he got the hint so we have been giving the room a makeover while he is gone.

When he eventually moves out, which he plans on doing the first of the year, this bedroom will become my husband's office.

The pink and purple walls are finally gone.

I had just applied a 2nd coat right before taking these pictures which is making the walls look really yellow. They aren't this yellow, they are more green.

I'm also painting some shelves that will go in the room. I had picked out some fabric as my inspiration for the colors and wanted to do something to add some of those touches.

I decided that I could make some decorative pillows to hang on the pegs of the shelves that will go on the walls.

I first started by laying out, measuring and cutting my fabric.

I then pinned and sewed 3 of the sides and half of the last side.

I also added the ribbon to hang it. The ribbon is inside of these 2 outside pieces so that when I turn the pillow right side out, the ribbon will be on the outside.

It's all sewed except a little opening to put the batting. Kinda looks like a little purse or bag.

I then stuff it with the batting. I didn't stuff it too full, it's just for decoration.

I then pinned up the opening and will close it with my machine. I know it would look better if I hand sewed it, but I just can't do it. I've tried on several pillows and it just doesn't work right or look good for me. It's just faster for me to put it in the machine and stitch it up.

So, mother, if you are reading this, you need to come sew all the openings in my pillows for me. :)

And this is what I ended up with.

That bulletin board used to be in my son's room and it looks like he used to take out his frustration on it. I painted it black hoping it would make it look a little better but no such luck. Just focus on the pillow, k?

This is one of the shelves that I've painted. I'm hoping to hang them on the walls tomorrow.

And a big thank you to my lovely daughter for acting as my wall for you all to see.

I'm so excited for this room to be complete. I'll post lots of pictures when it's finished.

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