Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cherry Turnovers

My hubby loves cherries; cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, cherry cake. Basically anything baked with sugar and cherries in it.

I had some leftover canned cherry pie filling in the fridge and for the past 3 days I've listened to him say "I wish we could do something with those cherries in the fridge before they go bad." What he really means is "Why aren't you making me a great dessert using those cherries, woman?"

I thought about it for awhile, like maybe 5 minutes, and decided that I would make my version of a cherry turnover. It can't be that hard right.

I was originally going to use crescent rolls but decided that Grands biscuits would be much better.

I started by rolling each biscuit flat.

I then put about a tablespoon of cherry pie filling into the center of each biscuit.

I then sprinkled about a tsp of sugar on top of the cherries; just to make it a little sweeter.

Folded them over and pressed the edges together. I'm thinking now that I should have wet my finger and sealed the edges a little better. Some of the seams popped open during baking.

I then rubbed them with egg white. See how some of them are oozing already. I think I used a little too much of the cherry glaze in some of them.

I baked them at 350* for about 20 minutes.

Nice golden brown. I don't think that some of the edges opening is too big a deal. They should taste great anyway.

Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and you have a nice after dinner treat.

Or dinner itself.

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