Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decorating plans always change

After I finished the walls in this room in the basement

My plan was to switch out the light. I want this chandelier to go in my office.

I had been looking for lights online and came across this one from

I love the look of it but wasn't crazy about the $2000 price tag.

So onto plan B... I went to our local consignment store thinking maybe I would find something similar. I didn't, but I did find this.

Cute, huh. It wasn't what I was there for but it was only four dollars and I could picture myself using it all year; pumpkin for fall, Christmas tree for Christmas, shell for Summer. I think you get the idea.

So back to the light.
I then went next door to an antique store and found this.

It caught my eye right away. Well, not really right away, it was at the back of the store and I had to look at EVERYTHING else in the store before I got to it, but once I saw it I knew it was the one.

In my mind, I envisioned it painted black. Just the outside top part, not the inside.

I especially liked the big glass bulb. That was exactly the look we were going for.

So, the more we got to looking at it and thinking about the process of painting it black and what parts we were going to paint and how it would look, the more we weren't sold on the idea of it going in that room.

First of all, that room is dark already. It sits at the front of the house so it is completely underground. That means it doesn't have any windows and therefore doesn't get any natural light. The only light that will be in this room will be from whatever lighting source we put in there. We were thinking that maybe painting this light black would make the room really, really dark.

Not good.

So then we got to taking it apart and discovered that we could have the light without the shade on it.

The big round glass bulb would stay on without the shade. The shade was just sitting on there. Yes!!! This gets us closer to the look we were going for in the beginning. We could just paint this main light part black. Or maybe we could paint it another color to give it some pop. How about red. Yes, we love red; that would be perfect.

So now the plan was to have no shade and paint the light red with the bulb.

Then we got to thinking and talking again.

We talked about the uses of this room. This room will be housing our air hockey and Foosball table. It'll be sorta a game room. Well, games attract kids and grown men acting wildly, for the most part. Do we really want to have the round glass bulb exposed to all of that rough competitive play. If it were to get broken, we would never be able to replace it. I would probably never be able to find another one like it and then I would just be disappointed and mad.

So, onto plan C.

We had to find someplace else in the house to hang it. Someplace where it hopefully wouldn't accidentally get broken. Someplace where it would look good and be functional and someplace that needs an update but isn't really on our list of things to do yet.

Hubby found the perfect place. This is our stairway leading to the bedrooms upstairs. We hate this light. In fact, we think it may have caught on fire or at least tried to at one point. One of the white things that the bulbs screwed into was black. So anyway, it's cheap builder grade and just plain ugly.

We could put our new light there, it would look great and would definitely be out of anyone's reach. And.... we could have it finished in a day.

Hooray!! I love projects we can finish in a day.

So we painted the new light red, just as we planned.

This picture actually makes it look a little pink but it's red, trust me.

Hubby took down the old light

We immediately threw that one in the trash.

And hung up the new light.

We really like it there. It gives off plenty of light and should be safe from being broken.

We want to get one of those cool filament bulbs for it, but for right now, it works with just a plain old bulb.

Now I still have to find the perfect light for the game room.
My job is never finished.

Here's a side by side of the same light.  I love the transformation:

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